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Tanyard Youth Project is supported by the local Police, Street Pastors and many others in the community.  
In 2016 our community service was recognised with a certificate from the High Sheriff of Dyfed.  
In 2019 and 2020 we were finalists in the Youth Work Excellence Awards across all Wales, and in 2020 we were Winners in the Partnership Working category.
We're now working on getting the Quality Mark for Youth Work.  

Our members will tell you that the Tanyard "looks after us", "helps us to fit in" and "makes me feel happier".

A, age 16.

'The Tanyard plans fun and creative activities for us and through the holidays, they keep us busy by taking us on trips which give us new experiences'

L, age 15.

'I feel more confident as a person and I know that I can talk to the staff about anything'

B, age 15.

'I have met loads of new friends by coming to the Tanyard'

E, age 14

'The Tanyard has helped me progress in my love for music and performing'

“Pembroke would be lost without you.  Keep up the good work.”

“My daughter wasn’t a very confident child before joining the Tanyard.  Since joining she has become more confident, made new friends and is more willing to join in new things.  She has also learnt to cook lots of things from scratch, and has learnt how to play the keyboard and guitar.  I think the Tanyard is a brilliant place for young people and it keeps them off the streets.” 


“Thanks for everything you do for the kids, there would be nowhere for them to go if it wasn't for everyone involved at the Tanyard.  Thanks, C.”

“My son's loved going on the summer trips and to youth club it's a fantastic place for kids to go and the trips have been excellent value for money with a wide range of venues.”


“A great place for kids to enjoy their evening. I have found it invaluable and am very happy with their fun and educational attitude to life.”


“There was one young person who came in, she was wearing the baggiest clothes, really shy, didn’t associate, didn’t talk, she had a really rough time. You see her now, she’s on the stage singing, she’s here recording music.  If you hear her now, she’s one of the loudest young people.  In about 8 months, she’s completely changed.  Her mother came in and said that without the Tanyard, she wouldn’t be who she is now.  She’s only just turned 12 and this is such a vital time for her, I love how much she’s changed.”

Youth Drop-in Lead, The Tanyard Youth Project, Pembrokeshire (2019)


“Yes, we will definitely be coming back in the summer term. XXXX is something that E looks forward to so much and for M, it is the only intervention that has been successful. So we are delighted with the impact it has had on these two pupils in particular."

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