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is a weekly peer support group based in the youth club, for people with mobility challenges.  Members include full-time and part-time wheelchair users as well as those with limited mobility.  It is open to all adults 18+ who find it a challenge to get about.

Find the group's own website here:

Bespoke | Mobility Difficulties Support Group | Wales (

The group meets at the Tanyard on the Commons in Pembroke from 13:45pm to 15:45pm on Tuesdays.  Members participate in a variety of activities: games, sports, arts, crafts, cooking, boccia and wheelchair boxing.  In the summer there are barbeques and we sometimes organise an outing. 

The group was launched in August 2019 and has a growing membership.  The main aim is to reduce the social isolation that results from having mobility challenges.  Many new friendships have been formed. 

If you would like to find out more, just come along one Tuesday or email

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