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Boatyard Music Studio

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The Boatyard Studio is a professional music recording and mixing studio based in the heart of Pembrokeshire; equipped with a wide range of quality recording gear, instruments and monitoring system with the aim of providing top-quality sound and an unforgettable musical experience to all levels of musicians.

The studio is operated by Wayne Boucher (BEng), a musician, multi-instrumentalist, live artist, producer and mixing/mastering engineer. With over ten years experience in studio environments, his music has received airplay on BBC Radio One and 1Xtra; he works as a music tutor and sound engineer for Community Music Wales, The Welsh National Opera and Span Arts as well as performing live in venues all over the country.

We offer young people in Pembrokeshire a wide range of studio-based musical skills and experiences in workshop format across a range of genres with small focus-groups that link more closely to future careers in the music industry than the current school curriculum caters for.

The skills and topics we offer include:


• song writing • composition • song structure • lyric writing • melodies and progressions • EDM production • DAWs • software •equalisation • compression • mixing • layering • VSTs • synthesis • sound creation • waveforms • modulation • filters • AB comparison • effects• recording • creating demos • marketing • music platforms • publishing • copyright laws • guitar techniques • bass guitar techniques •chords • scales • amplification • equipment • mastering • engineering • post-equalisation • limiting • stereo enhancement • exciters • drumming techniques • African drumming • rhythm • timing • metronome work • performance •

The workshops provided cater for all levels and skills; from beginner to experienced musician, from learning the basics of an instrument to performing confidently in front of an audience, from introduction to DAWs to mixing and mastering compositions and publishing them on the internet.

Please enquire regarding pricing for group or individual sessions.